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Customize Content to Feel Like Home

Yesterday, I returned to Atlanta from a business trip to Minneapolis with a world-class employer brand and recruitment team. Being back in the Midwest rejuvenates me, especially since I was born and raised in Iowa. When I meet someone that knows my hometown, there is a stronger possibility of a trusted relationship. We have much more in common, including friends, values and shared experiences.

When you post content online to a unique niche, it should feel like home to your ideal audience.

  1. Use familiar lingo: Using the phrases and language that your audience uses will allow for better communication, understanding and interest.
  2. Find their sounding boards: Have empathy for your audience and their fears. Search social networks, groups, newsletters, blogs and discussion boards to see their immediate problems, join those conversations and offer solutions.
  3. Connect visually: Show photos and videos of your target audiences’ locations, surroundings, events, etc. Do your photos and videos include people that they feel are like themselves?
  4. Leverage role models: Your audience looks up to certain celebrities, thought leaders and public figures. Read their books, watch those shows and understand why they inspire your target audience. Your message should reflect those ideals and stir the same emotions.
  5. Demonstrate genuine interest: When the message is too contrived or fake, it will cause a negative reaction. Do you want to be viewed as an outsider with a revenue-based objective or as an insider with an opinion that people trust?