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The Best Conference You've Never Heard Of 

It is less than one month away until the 2013 Summer Brand Camp in Dallas, TX. This is a conference that I must attend each year and here's why:

1. Genuine support for attendees
The pay-it-forward passion that you feel the moment you arrive at Brand Summer Camp is inspirational. The conference hosts and alumni proactively make each attendee feel welcome.

2. Gain insight into real-world solutions
At previous Summer Brand Camps, I learned from executives who shared how they overcame personal hardships to reach their professional goals. You connect with leaders and attendees in a transparent and non-judgemental way that isn't offered at other events.

3. Unique speakers and sessions
The restaurant, retail, and healthcare industry's biggest stars and brands lead sessions that are filled with success stories, actionable items, and data. Check out this year's agenda: http://www.summerbrandcamp.com/agenda.

4. Memories that last a lifetime
The memories and friendships that I made at Summer Brand Camp have helped me through difficult times all year 'round.

To attend Summer Brand Camp, you must be a Restaurant, C-store, Retail or Healthcare operator. If you have any questions, email Melissa Papaleo at melissa.papaleo@prbbi.com. Hope to see you there!


Unleash Your Passion

My path to find my passion began in Iowa. I remember going door-to-door selling Girl Scout calendars when I was twelve years old.  Yes, calendars, not cookies. These calendars didn't even include any coupons. I enjoyed the anticipation of talking to an unsuspecting neighbor and giving my quick sales pitch. Plus, I knew which homes to target when it was Girl Scout cookie time.

In order to navigate the social media waters, it is vital that you understand what motivates you. Think about the unforgettable moments in life where you felt inspired and valued. Reflect on activities or projects that you enjoyed doing regardless of the outcome. It may take a few heart-to-heart talks with a trusted colleague, relative or coach to unlock your passion. Don't let the fear of failing keep you from reaching your goals or true purpose in life.

Launching my social media firm hasn't been an easy feat. It has been fulfilling in many priceless ways. I'm grateful for those who continue to support my goals and I hope to return the favor.

A Tree for the Future

Every spring
The sap rises in the trees
From root to branch
And makes a tree that looks dead
Blossom with green leaves
And life.
So it is that the Scouting Spirit
Rises within you and
Inspires you to put forth
Your best.

- Juliette Gordon Low, Founder of the Girl Scout Movement