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The View From Inside TEDxPeachtree

TEDxPeachtree is an event that brings creative people with many different experiences and talents to discuss ideas worth spreading. This year’s theme was “What if…”. Those who wanted to attend submitted an application to a selection committee and only 100 attendees were selected.

It was an honor to be invited to the inaugural TEDxPeachtree. It was held at the Savannah School of Art and Design (SCAD) in Atlanta, GA. The vibrant artwork that lined the white walls and the modern designs throughout the building provided the perfect backdrop. The event was streamed live with multiple cameras and by the best media professionals available. 

The most inspiring presenter was G. Ross Mason, who shared global insights regarding healthcare. In August 2007, Ross was involved in a bicycle accident that paralyzed from the collarbone down. Prior to his accident, Ross was actively involved in triathlons, scuba diving, surfing, climbing and a NASCAR certified driver.

Facing his own adversity, Ross created the Healthcare Institute for Neuro-Recovery and Innovation (HINRI) Ventures, Labs and its foundation. He is a living example of courage and character without any wishes for self-pity.

Ross challenged us to risk more, reflect more and leave more behind when we are gone. He urged us to invest in the people sitting right next to us.

After the event, I paused to reflect on the meaningful comments Ross declared and pondered, “What if?” We often spend a lot of time networking and reaching out to new contacts or potential clients. As an alternative, we could strengthen our existing relationships and make a bigger impact. Sometimes we spend too much time focusing on what we don't have yet and should appreciate what we have already created.

Thank you to the sponsors, organizers, including applicant selection committee, and all those behind the scenes that made TEDxPeachtree possible. You have given me several ideas worth spreading.

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