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The Most Influential NASCAR Related Twitter Accounts

There are over 13,000 Twitter accounts with bios that contain the word, NASCAR. Over the past few years, we've seen an increase in NASCAR accounts from drivers, drivers’ loved ones, spotters, media professionals, fans, crew chiefs, pit crewmembers, racetracks, sponsors and fans.

Inanimate objects accounts are on Twitter for race-related items like The Orange Cone. There are also a handful of fake parody accounts featuring NASCAR executives, drivers and even their beards.

According to Klout, here are the most influential NASCAR related Twitter accounts and their bios for the past 90 days:

1. @NASCAR - Official news and information on races, drivers, teams and industry events

2. @KevinHarvick - Driver of the No. 29 Chevrolet in the Sprint Cup Series for Richard Childress Racing

3. @mw55 – (Michael Waltrip) – NASCAR fan

4. @DennyHamlin - Driver of the #11 FedEx Toyota Camry in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

5. @RyanNewman39 - NASCAR driver of the #39 US Army/Haas Automation/Tornados Chevrolet

6. @KaseyKahne - Race Car Driver

7. @Kenny_Wallace - The OFFICIAL Kenny Wallace Twitter Page

8. @Elliott_Sadler - Racer. Hunter. Golfer. Softball Player. Proud Dad

9. @jpmontoya – (Juan Pablo Montoya) - Colombian car racer. Currently racing NASCAR, Former F1, IndyCar, Daytona 24, FIA F3000, Indy 500 winner/champ.

10. @BrianLVickers – Never Give Up

You may get an update on this list by visiting Klout at http://klout.com/#/topic/nascar.  The Klout score measures influence based on your ability to drive action. This list was created by Klout to determine online influence over a specific topic, NASCAR. Klout judges quality of content by the reactions it produces, not if the reaction is negative or positive. Some of the accounts above may create more negative, than positive responses with their tweets.

Please note, a Klout score is a single social media metric and may drastically change once the season starts or other NASCAR notables start tweeting. Notice that the Twitter accounts with the most followers, does not necessarily mean that they have the most influence online or offline.

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I believe on Klout's result it shows how influencial your account and socializing.

January 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBecca

It's good to know this :)

August 12, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterbest essay

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