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Just How Big Is Social Media in England?

At the first Social Recruiting Summit at Google, I met Matt Alder. He is from the UK and an innovator in digital recruitment marketing. You can find out more about Matt at http://recruitingfuture.com.

 We’ve had an opportunity to meet at other conferences. Since Matt and I work in the same industry, yet in different countries, I’m amazed at how our challenges in social media are similar.

Check out this video from Simply Zesty with the latest statistics regarding social media use in the United Kingdom:

Any surprising stats?


Social Networking Around the World

Today, I was honored to give a webinar on the global trends of social networking to Avanade. Thank you to Search Wizards for this opportunity.

Many of the global Fortune 100 companies now recognize the value in frequent and continuous online engagement. Some are using more than one platform and learning to understand the existing online preferences of their targeted talent pools. From a recruiting perspective, if you are actively involved in conversations with ideal candidates, it increases the effectiveness of your organization's employer brand strategy and recruitment marketing efforts.

Take advantage of the social networking platforms available globally to highlight the positive aspects of your employer brand and truly interact with candidates.

Social Networking Around the World - Jenny DeVaughn


Use Social Media Data to Increase Revenue

This is a great chart on the Social Analytics Lifecycle by Chuck Hemann and Ken Burbary. It shows how companies can use social networks to discover crucial data, share it with the appropriate corporate function and make improvements that will eventually increase revenue.

Often I meet with clients who are just starting to understand the potential of monitoring their brand online to discover ways that they can improve their products and customer service.

When listening to your clients or monitoring your target audience online, the key is to capture the right data and motivate your teams to share essential information internally.