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Increase Your Social Recruiting Influence

Fast Company started a social media contest called “The Influence Project”. This is a quest to find the most influential person online. It is designed to give credit to those who can generate the most traffic and new profiles from a customized link. Like with any list or contest, it has its critics and fans.  I eventually caved and couldn’t resist seeing where I ranked in comparison to the social media heavyweights that I admire.

From a social recruiting perspective, companies who are experiencing a talent shortage should take notice and value their employees that have influence online.

It isn’t always about one’s volume and reach.  For instance, a VP of HR could have a small network on LinkedIn of 100 trusted connections.  When this person emails a member of their network for an employee referral, the response is swift and the candidate quality of hire is high. Even if you have a large network, it isn’t effective if you lack credibility. Long gone are the days when a recruiter could blast out a job description via email with the subject line, “Who do you know?”

Recruiters with active pipelines of candidates and referral sources have an advantage, if they have positive influence over its members.

To increase your online influence, you must work hard offline too. Take the time to truly re-evaluate your network and to see if you are attracting ideal peers, thought leaders and trusted contacts.  Start moving out of your online networking comfort zone and meet those you value in person. You must be able to make a solid first impression and build trust quickly through your actions, not just your words.

Also, remember to rely on your close friends that will provide you with honest feedback to help you reach your professional goals. The social networks may change; yet, those who have influence continue to be successful.

In the social recruiting world, we have many influencers. Who has influenced you?