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Stop Feeling the Post SXSW Interactive Blues

This was my fourth year in a row attending SXSW.

When I return home to a life and work that I love, there is a sinking feeling inside.

I miss the non-stop networking, events, sessions, photos with tech's finest like Robert Scoble (yes, that is us in the photo), social media interaction, swag, and more.

If you are a little down after leaving SXSW, here are some ideas to get your mojo back:

  • Meet with a friend who didn't attend SXSW. Think of the connections that you made that could benefit this person. Make those introductions.

  • Thank someone who helped make your time in Austin better. Find a thoughtful way to pay-it-forward.

  • Follow up with any new connections. Set calls in a few weeks to see how you can help each other.

  • Start planning your bucket list for SXSW next year. Maybe you'd like to speak on a panel or host your own event. Dream big and hustle like Gary V.

  • Remember, many people want to attend this event and don't get the opportunity. Be grateful and pass along what you learned to others.

What are some additional ways to beat the post SXSW Interactive blues?


The Top Five Websites for Facebook Tips and Insights

If you are looking for new ways to harness the power of Facebook and its 500+ Million fans, check out these websites for current news and innovative ideas:

1.  FacebookFlow: http://facebookflow.com
FacebookFlow (FBF) CEO, Garin Kilpatrick, shares 50 free tips and offers a free 7 day e-book course.

2.  All Facebook: http://allfacebook.com
Started by Nick O’Neill, this blog covers all issues pertaining to Facebook including new applications, news and its future.

3.  Facebakers: http://facebakers.com
This site is run by Candytech and offers the most comprehensive Facebook statistics by country, page, group and application.

4.  Inside Facebook: http://www.insidefacebook.com
Founded by Justin Smith, Inside Facebook is to providing news and market research to the Facebook platform and social gaming ecosystem, especially for developers and marketers.

5.  The Facebook Blog: http://blog.facebook.com
This is the official blog of Facebook written by its employees. It provides an insider’s view of what it’s like to work at Facebook and explanations of the newest changes and updates.


Five Ways to Generate More Interest in Facebook

With over 500 million users, Facebook continues to bring us closer together. Take a look at these five tips, if you would like to get more attention from your target audience in this social network.

1.  Start with a strategy
When you started your business and put in a phone line, did you think that customers would call you immediately? Of course not, your company had a marketing strategy to increase the amount of calls your sales people would receive. Like with any marketing channel, Facebook requires a specific plan in order to gain the most ideal results. People are not going to flock to your Facebook Page, unless you have significant brand equity.

2.  End the stream of posts from games or applications
Playing games is one of the most popular activities online. When you post an action from these online games to your wall, you separate yourself from others who do not share your love of these applications. Most of your non-social media friends do not know how to hide different posts or specific content within Facebook.
3.  Take the conversation offline
Don’t rely solely on Facebook for your marketing plan. Continue to pick up the phone and/or meet with your clients at their offices on a regular basis. Use Facebook to enhance your relationship and connect socially with your contacts. Invest more time making introductions or reconnecting with colleagues at networking events.

4.  Reveal who you are on a daily basis
Show different sides of your life, interesting views and inspiring stories from people that you admire. Think about who you are and what you value. Is this reflected everyday in your wall on Facebook through your photos, videos, comments and likes? When you post content that is relevant and important to your audience, this increases the participation on your Page.

5.  Highlight others
Earn more social networking credibility by genuinely promoting others. There are many ways that you can give appreciation to others on Facebook. For example, you could write a recommendation for a colleague or mentor in LinkedIn and then post a link to their profile on your Facebook wall. By showing that you value your trusted relationships, it will help you create new friendships too.


Increase Your Social Recruiting Influence

Fast Company started a social media contest called “The Influence Project”. This is a quest to find the most influential person online. It is designed to give credit to those who can generate the most traffic and new profiles from a customized link. Like with any list or contest, it has its critics and fans.  I eventually caved and couldn’t resist seeing where I ranked in comparison to the social media heavyweights that I admire.

From a social recruiting perspective, companies who are experiencing a talent shortage should take notice and value their employees that have influence online.

It isn’t always about one’s volume and reach.  For instance, a VP of HR could have a small network on LinkedIn of 100 trusted connections.  When this person emails a member of their network for an employee referral, the response is swift and the candidate quality of hire is high. Even if you have a large network, it isn’t effective if you lack credibility. Long gone are the days when a recruiter could blast out a job description via email with the subject line, “Who do you know?”

Recruiters with active pipelines of candidates and referral sources have an advantage, if they have positive influence over its members.

To increase your online influence, you must work hard offline too. Take the time to truly re-evaluate your network and to see if you are attracting ideal peers, thought leaders and trusted contacts.  Start moving out of your online networking comfort zone and meet those you value in person. You must be able to make a solid first impression and build trust quickly through your actions, not just your words.

Also, remember to rely on your close friends that will provide you with honest feedback to help you reach your professional goals. The social networks may change; yet, those who have influence continue to be successful.

In the social recruiting world, we have many influencers. Who has influenced you?