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Introducing Jobgram: An Infographic for Recruiting

Paul Jacobs and I met at Google a few years ago. He made the trip from New Zealand and led a session called, "The Death of Job Boards". Needless to say, I've always been interested in his perspective. I walked away from his session believing that job boards would survive, however, that passive candidates need more than a job description before they apply.

Paul reached out to me regarding his newest venure, Jobgram. Jobgram is a visual infographic of a career opportunity. I found it to be engaging. Here is a Jobgram highlighting an Operational opening for a Technician (Mechanic) with my employer, Waste Management. What do you think?

 You may also view and share this Jobgram at http://getajobgram.com/post/17965716065/wastemanagement.