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Infographic: Around the World in Social Networking

Around the World in Social Networking




Infographic: What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business

True Colors: What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business by Marketo


Introducing Jobgram: An Infographic for Recruiting

Paul Jacobs and I met at Google a few years ago. He made the trip from New Zealand and led a session called, "The Death of Job Boards". Needless to say, I've always been interested in his perspective. I walked away from his session believing that job boards would survive, however, that passive candidates need more than a job description before they apply.

Paul reached out to me regarding his newest venure, Jobgram. Jobgram is a visual infographic of a career opportunity. I found it to be engaging. Here is a Jobgram highlighting an Operational opening for a Technician (Mechanic) with my employer, Waste Management. What do you think?

 You may also view and share this Jobgram at http://getajobgram.com/post/17965716065/wastemanagement.


Infographic: The Future Social CEO

At my company, our CEO is actively involved in key projects and often sends company-wide insights to employees via email, video and our internal website. Here is an infographic from CEO.com to show data around the reasons why leaders of an organization in general should be a part of their company's social strategy:


Infographic: What Happens Online in 60 Seconds

It is amazing that 98,000+ tweets and 320+ new accounts are created each minute on Twitter. During that same 60 seconds, there are 694,445 search queries on Google. We share 695,000+ status updates on Facebook. Check out these other statistics about how we spend each minute online:


Infographic: History of the Mobile Phone

Thanks to Infographic Labs and Vodafone Australia for this statistic-filled infographic on the history of the mobile phone.

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Infographic: The Tech Talent Wars

Udemy just posted this infographic regarding the tech talent wars. The accompanying blog post states, "Hiring a great team is the #1 most important thing you’ll ever do for your company. Are you ready? Do you know where to find amazing co-founders or how to lure away those rock star MIT computer science majors who were just offered $300,000 to work for Google?"

What is your company doing to retain this talent as well?



Infographic: Awesome Twitter Facts and Stats


Infographic: The Value of Being LinkedIn

The Value of Being LinkedIn
[Source: OnlineMBA.com]


Infographic: A World Without Facebook

A World Without Facebook
[Via: Single Grain]