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My 30 Day Personal Revolution and Bucket List

My life has gone through many changes this year - some voluntary and not. It is a perfect time for me to join the TR 30 Day Personal Revolution.

I've decided to create a bucket list and strive to be the change for the next month.

1. Watch a NASCAR race at a track that you've never been to before.

2. Visit your sister and put all of her needs first.

3. Dust off the golf clubs and take some swings at a driving range.

4. Do at least 45 minutes of cardio everyday.

5. Travel with your kids on a spontaneous adventure. During this trip, only say no to activities that would physically harm them.

6. Be aware of negative comments and redirect the conversation to a positive one.

7. Give up fried foods.

8. Write one handwritten thank you card a day and mail it.

9. Go out on the town with friends and have no sense of time.

10. Call up an old friend that you haven't spoken to in years.

The clock starts now. Follow the tweets at #TR30days. Create your own bucket list and start your own personal revolution.


Transparency vs. Too Much Information (TMI)

When you work in social media, there is a balance between being transparent and providing too much personal information. In my work, I decided several years ago not to say anything online that I wouldn't discuss in person to a client, employer or my most esteemed relative. Here are points to consider before taking your personal reflections online:

1. How will this affect my family and friends? Your actions online can potentially harm your family's interests and ultimately, their safety.  Also, you may have relatives or children who have political or other career aspirations.

2. What is the best channel for me to share this information? When I have bad news to share with my family and close friends, I call or speak to them in person first. Even though it would be a timesaver, in the long run, initially posting this type of news to Facebook will generate more questions than answers.

3. What does this information reflect about my professional brand? Each update, post and tweet matters. They collectively affect your reputation and image. If your feeling about the subject is temporary or it will pass, you shouldn't share it online.

4. How would I feel if I read these insights from one of my mentors? Think about how you would react if someone from your trusted network posted it. Would it drive you to help them or question their judgment?

If you are on the fence about any comment or topic, my recommendation would be not to post the material. There are so many interesting trends and solutions that you can provide in your niche. Share your best knowledge, not something that truly needs to stay in your ever-changing thought bubble.